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Mergers, Activist Widows, and Piles of Cash: An Update on 2 NCAV Stocks

Investing in companies selling at a discount to their assets requires a keen eye to monitor ongoing events. In March, I posted about 3 stocks selling below their NCAV.  Since then, two of the stocks have had significant developments. At … Continue reading

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ADDvantage Technologies Group: Bad Quarter, Good Price

ADDvantage Technologies Group (AEY), a distributor of cable equipment (think set top boxes, encoders, etc) to large and small cable companies, reported a nasty looking Q2 earnings report last week . Sales were down 16%, margins decreased, and every product … Continue reading

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Seeking Value in Barron’s Leveraged Buyout Candidates List, Part II

Last week I covered the first 9 companies from a recent Barron’s report of 27 possible LBO candidates. Today, I’ll look into the investment considerations of the next 9 on the list. Click here to read part II of the … Continue reading

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