Alexander Graham Bell’s Monday Morning LinkFest

On this day in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell was granted a patent for the telephone. Bell’s invention sparked a communication revolution that continues today. Just think, without Bell we wouldn’t have “No Texting” campaigns, international call centers, or dropped cellphone calls. Of course we also wouldn’t have some of the fine writing on the web these past few weeks. So in honor of Mr. Bell, here are some of the best Value Investing related posts from the last few weeks:

Small size? $105m Market Cap. Check.

Lots of cash? $35M. Check.

Misunderstood? UK Based with lots of exchange rate issues. Check.

Out of Favor Industry? Healthcare, government contracts, and staffing.

Check, Check, and Check.

I plan on researching this one more fully for a possible purchase.

If you have any links I may have missed, Contact Me. I am always open to new ideas and good analysis.

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